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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Industry NEXTRATED oluwaseyi timothy a.k.a NAIRA BOY exclusive interview with deborah obah of donlungu media @ DE BALLERS LOUNGE in festac

Donlungu media crew was at festac and caught up with one of the most promising act in the industry, making waves with his latest singles we just had no choice than to get up, close and personal with the rave of the moment who is expected to release another smashing single in few weeks. OLUWASEYI TIMOTHY a.k.a NAIRA BOY told us more on how he looks up to tuface in this exclusive interview with donlungu's finest DEBORAH OBAH

PROFILE- oluwaseyi timothy a.k.a naira boy  born to a family of 7 and he is the last of the family, started singing in year 2000  as a back up singer to his brother and aside from him and brother his dad sings and plays the instrument........... he resides in festac and plans to break the jinx of having only tuface idibia as one of festac's only nigerian leading artiste...... here are some few questions we had with him

Q who are your musical inspirations?
A tuface and asha
Q what kind of music do you listen to?
A r & b
Q Any reasons why you listen to r & b?
A  its been part of me growing up
Q what kind of embarrassing song can we find on your mp3?
A none
Q what stage would you love the most to perform?
A to be infront of a crowd over 5000 people and i will be satisfied
Q who would you like to open a performance for
A tuface idibia
Q If you were not singing what would you be doing?
A Growing up i was called aso ebi  because i am multi talented..... i play soccer cos after music for me it is
Q Do you play any instrument?
A none
Q Do you enjoy writing lyrics?
A Yes and i write my own music
Q Do your lyrics come from inspiration
A Yes from business, school, etc
Q Favorite food and colour
A blue my best colour and beans my best food
Q Anything you want to say to your fans and artiste out there
A Keep striving, keep pressing and keep feeling yourself one day we will all get there............

That was the little chat NAIRA BOY had with deborah obah  for DONLUNGU MEDIA more pics after the cut

Ms Sahhara to represent Nigeria at World Transgender Pageant

Ms Sahhara shared these new photos of herself and a video on her facebook page to announce she'll be representing Nigeria at the Super Sireyna of Eat Bulaga competition, a transgender pageant  holding in the Philippines.
Ms Sahhara says if she wins, her legacy would be to campaign for the acceptance of transgenders
"I will do all my best to teach people more about transgender issues, who we are and where we come from because there is this huge misconception around the issues that surrounds transgender people. We are not to be afraid of. We are not immoral. We are human beings, we have blood running in our vein and we pray you give us the chance and understanding and love that you give your fellow human beings because we are one of you" she said. Continue...
On who her role model is, she said
"I think my role model is my mum. My mum is a single parent and she brought myself and my younger sister up. She gave us the best education. My mum is very intelligent and she always tells us to go back to school, lets study, lets get all our degrees" she said

Boko Haram member speaks with BBC, says only prisoner exchange can secure the girls release

A man who described himself as a teacher/scholar inside the Boko Haram camp today July 8th spoke anonymously with Tobi Oladipo of BBC World radio service where he stated that it's only the release of their imprisoned members by the Federal Government that can make them release the over 200 Chibok girls they abducted on April 14th at the Government Girls Secondary School in Chibok.
"Yes we want the Nigerian government to release our members. As our leader Abubakar Shekau promised to the media, if today the government releases our members, tomorrow or the next day we promise you can see all of them (the girls) sure. We would release them tomorrow or the next day." he told BBC World Radio. Continue...
Seaking further, the man said the abducted girls are in good condition and are well catered for
"I am telling you a fact, they are in a state of amnesty. They don't have a problem. Some of them have belief in Islam, some of them say they would not convert to Islam but we didn't differentiate them, we treat them equally. They are healthy, feeding and all these. We didn't differentiate between them at all, why because, Allah commands us to do them equally. Some of them say they would not come back to Islam, we ask them to stay, no problem. There is no forcing in Islam but some of them not Muslims are converting to Islam but we are not differentiating them. If you see them now, you would see they don't have any problem"he said
The man also said Boko Haram attacks anyone who gives out information about them and their activities
"Under Islam, killing children and women is not accepted you understand, but if they are fighting you, then you must fight them but if they are not fighting you, then it is not accepted weather they are Muslims or non-Muslims. Do not fight them, it is not accepted but if you bomb somewhere or make arrest somewhere, it will affect them but killing children and women is not accepted" he said