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Monday, 26 May 2014

Toyin Aimakhu’s Growing Baby Bump

..Toyin was spotted at a recent fashion show with her growing baby bump. This is not the first time Toyin will be getting pregnant, so we join our faith with hers that, God will see her through this and we say big congrats in advance to her.......


They may look funny and unserious, but they are cavorting to the bank and living their dreams. Ali Baba, the father of stand-up comedians in Nigeria, aptly captured in words, the profitability of comedy business when he said: “comedy is a funny business, a very big business.”

After a careful study of the careers of these successful comedians, Showtime (Vanguard) came to the conclusion that a number of them are outstanding. Here are the top 10 in this branch of entertainment in terms of their assets, the money they charge per show, the various products or corporate endorsements they did, and their established brands from which they make steady income.


With over thirty years of performing on stage and hosting events for almost all Nigeria's former presidents and the present one, Ali Baba sits at the apex. Even President Olusegun Obasanjo once jokingly accused him of being overpaid for his performance. His Lekki mansion where he lives is said to be worth more than N300 million alone.

Alibaba makes his money through a chain of businesses in Lagos: as a reputed motivational speaker, a professional comedian patronised by almost all the big brands and political bigwigs in the country. His net worth is estimated to be over 3 billion naira. It is estimated that he performs in a minimum of two events weekly at an average rate of 4 to 4.5million naira per event. That would add up to about 400 million naira per annum!


He has been associated with many companies, signing different endorsement contracts in the last six years. He also has an impressive list of branding deals with Amstel Malta, Globacom Ltd. and a host of others. With his sold-out shows in South African, London, and even in far away America, and on his Basketmouth Uncensored platform, the comedian has been so consistent since he came to limelight.

His assets are estimated to be worth 2 billion naira. His annual income may be in excess of 192 million, while endorsement deals run into over 120 million annually. His international show, Basketmouth Uncensored, rakes in an estimated 100million naira. This artiste makes over 360 million annually.

I Go Dye:

United Nations Millennium Developmental Goal Ambassador, Amb. Francis Agoda, fondly called I Go Dye is the C.E.O of Revamp Construction Company, a property, real estate and road Construction Company. An estimate of his annual income stands between 350 and 500million naira, while his net worth is valued at over 2 billion naira. With properties in choice areas across Nigeria, and fleet of luxury cars, he is the man to beat. He also has a special performing relationship with almost all the governors in the country. His business empire is increasing every day. Presently, he is constructing a bottle water company, Franstel Natural Bottle Water.

Julius Agwu:

He made over 20 million naira alone from the launch of his book when he turned 40. He has properties scattered all over the country, a state-of-the-art audio and video studio, and more political affiliates than any other comedian.

For over a decade now, Julius Agwu has been organising two events: Crack Your Ribs and Laugh for Christ Sake. He is reputed to own properties in 3 states in Nigeria, and is also the C.E.O of Real Laff Entertainment Company which is an event management firm. His performance fee is between 2 to 3million naira per event, and his annual take-home is estimated at 180million while his personally organised events are estimated to be about 140 million annually. His net worth is valued to be 1.5 billion naira.


Since his foray into this money making business, he has risen faster than anticipated with a performance fee that is between 1 and 2 million naira per event, while his A.Y Live events organised annually rakes in 160 million annually. He is said to be earning 280 million naira annually. His net worth is put at 800 million naira. He is also working on his MVP club and also runs an event company. He also has fleets of cars and properties at Lekki area in Lagos.

Gbenga Adeyinka:

No comedian anchors more events than him presently. He is constantly busy and a top choice with politicians.He has properties and several business interests besides his Laffmattaz which is always a sold out show with more than 5000 people in attendance every year

Okey Bakaasi:

He anchors upscale events steadily and must have made huge money from politics too as Senior Special Assistant on entertainment in Imo State. He has a mansion in Imo State and Canada.


A highly gifted wedding MC, he has equipment and an events company. He anchors mainly heightened events and also does private businesses


He has made a lot of money lately from events, adverts and tours. He is probably the hottest kid right now.


Yaw is into the big league with a choice property in Lagos. He also makes money from MTN adverts, radio presentations, radio hypes, anchoring events, equipment leasing and other businesses.

Meet Most Beautiful Face In Nigeria 2014 winner, Rita Onyemachi

 Rita Ijeoma Onyemachi beat 32 other contestants to emerge the winner of the 2014 Most Beautiful Face in Nigeria. The pageant held last night May 24th at Eejnm Hotel, Uyo. More pics after the cut..

Clarion Chukwura slams Ibinabo in new interview + wins AMAA best actress

Clarion Chukwura, who won Best Actress in a leading role at the 2014 AMAA awards which held on Saturday May 24th, is still attacking AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima. In a new interview with Yes magazine, Clarion said her recent attacks on Ibinabo is not based on jealousy, because her brand is way bigger than Ibinabo's brand, but only trying to bring dignity back into the guild...

     "If Ibinabo recognized me as a senior colleague, she would have picked up her phone and called me at one point or the other, before or during her leadership. She had never done so. That is one. Two, I was privileged, with the manner she spoke during the issue of the murder case for which she was convicted, and I didn't see that attitude as someone you should dialogue with. Three at the Nollywood at 20 event, there was not that kind of rapport that okay, you are my senior colleague, at the helm of the leadership of the guild, if you have anything that can assist me in my position, you can please reach out to me. Ejike Asiegbu called on me and I assisted and played my role in every area he asked me to play my role. Zack Orji invited me at one point or the other to and we worked together" she said. Continue...

When she was asked why she did not lead the AGN sometime back when she was approached to do so, Clarion responded;

    "Thank You, I was approached in 2003 to be President of AGN. Myself and Emeka Rollas were approached and I accepted. Then I printed posters and started campaigning. Then came the issue that in the East, the state chapter members, the elders said they respect me but that they are not yet ready for a woman to be President. So they said Zack Orji should run for President and I should run for Vice President but I rejected that arrangement and I should support Zack Orji for president. That for me, it is either President or nothing! I would rather be President or stay out of it. So they should cast their minds back to 2003. He should talk of what happened and not misrepresent me, and I repeat, they should stop making this about Clarion Chukwurah attacking Ibinabo Fiberisima because before God and Man, as an actor, as a star, my brand is bigger than Ibinabo Fiberisima's brand. Whether as a president of AGN or not, they must not loose sight of that fact. So this is not an issue between us. If they push me, I would have this constitution published to the world. This constitution that was amended in March 2012 was done to work for Ibinabo Fiberisima. This constitution has nothing in it. There is nothing spelt out in this constitution that the AGN leadership has something tangible to do for its members. Only burial and marriage. When someone wants to get married, the person gets Fifty thousand naira(N50,000)  and when it is burial, the NEC decides on how much to give. There is nothing in this constitution for the actors. I am well known as one who believes in Legacy. I am an activist, I am well known as such. I am a tested and trusted person. I do not need to be President before you know this. If I become the President, I would not be going to be asking for money but rather I would be calling on the private sector to fulfill their obligations to the acts as spelt out in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria"

'There are plans to bring down my government' - President Jonathan

Speaking during the 2014 Democracy Day Interdenominational Church Service in Abuja yesterday Sunday May 25th, president Jonathan said there are evil people that are trying to bring down his government and they are the ones behind the violence in Nigeria, Punch reports.

    "You can imagine if this government had not been facing these distractions within this period, definitely, we would have moved farther than this. All these distractions are planned to bring this government down and since they failed, terror will also fail.

    “We have been witnessing terror attacks for two years plus, but the Chibok incident has added a major dent on the security of the country. There is nothing God cannot do. With your prayers, our girls will be seen by our security personnel. Terror will not stop this country from progressing. We know that these terrorists are human and they are evil men. Definitely, they are among those we categorise as evil forces.

    Forces of evil will never prevail. Forces of darkness will never prevail. I call on all Nigerians, Christians and non-Christians who pray, to continue to pray and I believe that God is on our side. Forces of evil and darkness will never prevail.” the president said

Monday, 12 May 2014

Team DON LUNGU FILMWORKS production team on set for its first project.....

 it was fun for all comers on the production set for DON LUNGU FILMWORKS's  first project........... look out for  more information on the project on this page and  more pics after the cut

Briton calls out David Cameron for carrying #bringbackourgirls sign

Joseph L Walker, minutes ago took to twitter to call out British Prime Minister David Cameron to act and do something about the missing Chibok girls instead of carrying the #hashtag.

He expressed his anger after seeing the Prime Minister and CNN's Christiane Amanpour holding the #bringbackourgirls protest placard. No be only us dey abuse our

Nigerian Immigration reacts to Davido's claims of harrassment by their officers

A few days ago, Davido tweeted that he missed his flight to London because of immigration officers who were harassing him at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja because of money. The Nigerian Immigration Service has responded to Davido's claims.

In a statement released today by the NIS Public Relations Officer, Emeka Obua, they said Davido had approached immigration officers at MMIA on the fateful day with the intention of travelling out of the country and presented a US passport number 460918874 issued at Georgia on Dec. 14,  2009 and valid till December 14, 2019.

It explained that the officer that attended to him drew his attention to the fact that his US passport had no Nigerian visa on it with which he would have been admitted into the country, and Davido reportedly responded that he had a Nigerian passport but forgot it at home. Continue...

The statement said,

    “The officer now informed him that he should go and bring the Nigerian passport to convince him that he did not enter Nigeria illegally with a foreign passport without visa. Adeleke started arguing with the officer, who had to refer the case to his superiors and the verdict was that he could not make the trip unless he produced the said Nigerian passport.

    “Livid with anger, Adeleke, in company with his bodyguards, started protesting in a disorderly manner, prompting the Comptroller of Immigration in-charge at MMIA to intervene. He advised Adeleke to call his bodyguards to order (caution) and comply with the lawful instruction which would not only erase any doubt as to his immigration status but also establish his claim to dual citizenship.”

Davido was said to have left and on the following day produced his Nigerian e-passport with number A02227477 issued at Abuja on August13, 2010 and valid till August 12, 2015.

The NIS stated that the passport was endorsed and the artiste then proceeded on his trip.

The statement added,

    “This behaviour of Adeleke is quite unfortunate. One would ordinarily have expected some form of commendation from him for the professional manner the officers, who attended to him, conducted themselves especially in  saving him from  embarrassment at some international port of entry by ensuring that his passport is endorsed as is the law and practice in Nigeria .

    “The intention of this statement is not to to join issues with Mr. Adeleke but to set the facts of the incident, as it happened at MMIA on the said day straight.

'I have information on abducted girls' - Borno governor, Shettima

The governor of Borno state says he has information on the whereabouts of the 276 schoolgirls kidnapped by Islamist group, Boko Haram on April 14th

Governor Kashim Shettima said he had passed reports of the sightings of the girls to the military for verification. He added that he does not think the girls had been taken across the border to Chad or Cameroon. (Punch)

Fresh attacks in Taraba, four dead, several houses razed

Suspected herdsmen yesterday morning, May 11th, launched fresh attack in Dinya village in Gassol Local Government Council of the state killing at least four people and razing 30 houses. Confirming the attack, the state's Police Public Relations Officer ASP Joseph Kwaji said several ammunitions were recovered from the herdsmen.

    "The police, on arrival at the scene of the attack, recovered 13 empty shells of AK47 rifle, four cartridges and an assault rifle,” he said.

Also confirming the incident, the Ward Head of Danacha, Gassol LG Council Daniel Mbaterem said the gunmen stormed the village at about 8:00 a.m. and began killing the villagers and burning houses.

Only recently, the people of  Jukun, Tiv and Fulani communities in the state signed a peace deal to end hostilities in the state. A detachment of the police and army have been drafted to the area and police says investigation was ongoing.

In a related development, Muslim and Christian youths in Kachia town in Kachia LGA of Kaduna state yesterday May 11 engaged themselves in a fracas leading to churches and mosques being razed. Police Public Rela­tions Officer in Kaduna state Aminu Lawal confirmed the incident and said no life was lost in the incident. A 24 hour curfew has being placed in the area.

Breaking: Purported video from Boko Haram shows kidnapped girls

Just watch this on CNN. According to a CNN breaking news report, a new video purportedly showing at least 100 of the abducted Chibok girls has been obtained by AFP. The purported Boko Haram 27-minute video shows the girls alive and together, wearing Islamic Hijab headdress and reciting portions of the Quran. Those who said they have seen the video, including CNN reporters, say it seems the girls were speaking under duress.

In the video, Boko Haram leader Shekau said he's willing to exchange the girls for its members in prison. The timeline of when the video was taken is unknown.